This article is for you if:

  • You have to the ShortPoint SPFx Visual Builder version 8.0.x.xx or later.
  • You use Office 365 (SharePoint Online) environment.
  • You are a ShortPoint user with an active license.
  • You use the Firefox browser.


After copying any page or section template from our Demos website or from other SharePoint pages, you cannot paste it to your SharePoint pages:

  • In Visual Builder, the Paste options will not be available.
  • In Wireframe Builder you will see the Paste options (Paste Before, Paste After, and Paste Page if you have copied the whole demo page), but they are not working - no content will be pasted.


The Firefox browser uses different ways to handle the clipboard permissions. Pasting the external content is not allowed in Firefox, meaning that once you attempt to copy the content from the ShortPoint demos library or any other SharePoint page, Firefox will not allow you to paste it inside the current page. This a limitation from the Firefox browser.

Note: You can check this open issue in Firefox bug tracker (BugZilla) for more details: Consider exposing clipboard.readText to web content.


We may suggest you using other browsers (for example, Chrome browser) when you need to copy the demo templates or other pages. Once you are finished with the pasting, you can switch back to Firefox and continue your work.

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