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How to Add a Page Designed Using ShortPoint to Microsoft Teams

Good news! Now you can show SharePoint pages having ShortPoint in Microsoft Teams. 


1.  You are using ShortPoint on SharePoint Online / Microsoft 365

Step 1: Open Microsoft Teams and select a channel

Step 2: Click Add a tab button

Step 3: Select the SharePoint app from the list

Step 4: Configure Website app

Select the page that you designed using ShortPoint then click Save

That's it! You can now see the SharePoint page with ShortPoint element in Microsoft Teams.

Note that you cn rename the tab by clicking on the arrow pointing down that's next to it's name, then selecting "Rename Tab"

We also recommend that you modify the elements in your browser by clicking "Open in browser" instead of in the Microsoft Teams application directly since pasting design elements from the clipboard isn't supported in teams.

However the page will look exactly as it does in SharePoint for your users as teams is using the same technology as chrome and edge browser to display the page.

If you face any issues then please don't hesitate to contact us as we're keen on supporting ShortPoint on this platform.

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