With ShortPoint Connect, you have the opportunity to show Wiki Pages content inside a ShortPoint element. For example, here is how displaying your site pages inside ShortPoint Tabs will look like:

If you would like to achieve a similar result, please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Choose the source list of pages.

You can use a Wiki Page Library as well as Site Pages. In this example, I will use Site Pages, but the procedure is absolutely the same with Wiki pages.

Step 2. Add a Wiki Content column.

You can start from whatever view you want. In my example, I have filtered the pages I will be using into a view called Content View.

  • To add a Wiki Content column, press Modify View in the Ribbon (Library tab):

  • In the opened window, scroll down and check the Wiki Content column. 
  • Click OK.

Now, the list of your pages will display their content:

Step 3. Connect.

Open the page where you will be creating the Tabs.

Insert the Tabs, switch to the Connect tab (1) and choose Site Pages from the list (2). Then, press the green Connect button (3) and wait until it becomes red:

Step 4. Map the Items.

Switch to the Tabs tab in the design element. By clicking the chain icon buttons, you can now point the columns from the list of Site Pages that you would like to display.

In the screenshot below, it is shown how the Wiki Content column is being mapped to the Tab content field of the element. In the same way, you can map other columns to the element fields.

If you would like to know more about items mapping, please check our Basic Connect Feature Tutorial.

That's it. The result will look like this: