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ShortPoint SPFx Upgrade Options for Office 365 / SharePoint 2019

In this article, we will tell you more about upgrade options for ShortPoint SPFx. 

NOTE: Some ShortPoint SPFx Upgrade options (App Catalog Upgrade and One-Click Upgrade) were available for certain periods of time only. Starting with ShortPoint SPFx 7.1.5.xx version, we introduced the New Upgrade approach.


Option 1: ShortPoint SPFx App Catalog Update 

NOTE: App Catalog Upgrade is no longer available with ShortPoint 7.1.5.xx and later versions.

This App Catalog Upgrade is a three-step process that you to need to complete. Upgrade through the App Catalog, then add the app to your SharePoint site(s) and upgrade from ShortPoint Dashboard. Here is an article that will show you a step-by-step process for this option: 

Option 2: ShortPoint SPFx One-Click Upgrade

NOTE: One-Click Upgrade is no longer available with ShortPoint 7.1.5.xx and later versions.

This One-Click upgrade is a quick upgrade from ShortPoint Dashboard. This method is available for certain versions only. To check the steps on how to do this option, kindly go through this article:

Option 3: ShortPoint SPFx New Upgrade

This New Upgrade tutorial series is available starting from ShortPoint SPFx 7.1.5.xx. Upload the upgrade package to your Tenant App Catalog only once and upgrade all sites and subsites on your tenancy at once, either automatically or under your control. 

IMPORTANT: To know more about the benefits of switching to the New Upgrade, please visit ShortPoint SPFx New Upgrade for Office 365 and SharePoint 2019.

To begin upgrading your SharePoint site, you may proceed with checking what is ShortPoint SPFx New Upgrade for Office 365 and SharePoint 2019. We have also prepared a simple tutorial series for you to follow in upgrading ShortPoint on your SharePoint site/s: Tutorial: How to upgrade to ShortPoint SPFx 7.1.5.xx version (New Upgrade).

NOTE: Following this tutorial series will not affect any of your ShortPoint customization and is also safe for your SharePoint site. Please read the instructions carefully and follow the sequence and its step-by-step procedure.

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