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Enable Lazy Render / Lazy Loading Options on ShortPoint Elements

This article will demonstrate how you can enable Lazy Render and Lazy Loading for ShortPoint Sections and Design Elements.



  • You must have the latest version of ShortPoint SPFx installed on your SharePoint environment.
  • You must be a ShortPoint Designer with an active license.

Enabling Lazy Render for Sections

The Lazy Render option allows ShortPoint to delay the loading of Sections that are not yet visible on the screen. The Section will only render when a user scrolls down to the Section itself. This will reduce the amount of rendering that the ShortPoint engine has to do while the page loads and will defer it until it is necessary to render those sections.

To learn how to enable Lazy render, click Get Started:

Enabling Lazy Load Images 

By default, ShortPoint will load all images on your page, affecting page loading time. Lazy Load Images allows ShortPoint to determine the minimum required amount of images that will appear to the end users. The rest of the images will not be loaded until the user starts interacting with the Slideshows or Image Carousel elements.

NOTE: This option is applicable for the Slideshow and Image Carousel Design Elements.

To learn how to enable Lazy Load for Images, click Get Started:

Congratulations! You have successfully enabled Lazy Render and Lazy Load Images. You can now proceed to Step 2: Enable Caching on Connected ShortPoint elements.

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