If you were trying to write some JavaScript code into SharePoint, and want to your JavaScript code to interact with ShortPoint elements (perhaps processing some dates using JavaScript), then this article is for you.

Step 1:

Add a Script Editor Web Part into the page, by clicking on the Insert Ribbon tab > then Web Part under Parts Category

Choose the Category Media and Content > then Script Editor and click the Add button

Step 2:

Edit the Web Part, 

Activate the Web Part by clicking on it, then a new tab Web Part in the ribbon will appear

Then next, click on the Web Part Properties button

The page will refresh, and the Script Editor Web Part will appear now in edit mode, click on Edit Snippet, to bring up the dialog that will allow you to paste some JavaScript code into the page.

Step 3:

Add the JavaScript that will execute after render, and modify it to fit your needs

Now once you clicked on the Edit Snippet button, a dialog will appear

Open the following link in another browser tab

It is a JavaScript snippet that has a function called ShortPointReady,

This function will be called after ShortPoint started to render the page, 

Copy it into your text editor, put whatever you like into the ShortPointReady function, 

then paste the whole snippet back into the Embed code dialog, and click Insert

Finally, Save the page, and you are done!

Happy Scripting with ShortPoint :)