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Update ShortPoint Widget

Before we begin: How to know that a new version of ShortPoint Widget is Available ?

Whenever we push a new version to ShortPoint Widget, a new orange "Upgrade" button will appear in your widget, when it is in edit mode. Informing you to do the upgrade and will direct you to this page.

Step 1: Pull latest ShortPoint Widget git changes from SAP Web IDE

Open your SAP Web IDE and click on the shortpoint-widget-beta folder from the Workspace

From the top menu click on View > Git Pane

And now a Git panel will be shown on the right side of the Web IDE. Click on Pull to get the latest Widget updates.

Once the Pull operation is completed, you will see a confirmation message at the top right side of the Web IDE

Step 2: Deploy Updated Version of ShortPoint Widget into SAP Cloud Portal

Select the shortpoint-widget-beta folder from the Workspace > right click > Deploy > Deploy to SAP Cloud Platform

A "Login to SAP HANA Cloud Platform" popup might appear, if you have not deployed yet during the current session.


Then the Dialog “Deploy Application to SAP HANA Cloud Platform” will appear, choose Deploy an existing application and click Deploy

Note: Sometimes an error may occur during deployment telling you to "Try again Later", if SAP Web IDE current session has been opened for a long time. If it happened with you, simply just refresh the SAP Web IDE page.

Once completed, a popup "Successfully Deployed" will show up. Just Close it.

Congratulations! You have successfully deployed the latest version of ShortPoint Widget into your SAP Cloud Portal account!

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