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Designing Content Using ShortPoint Built-in Sample Pages

ShortPoint Widget does not only come with a set of design elements, there are even design templates available with a click of a button for you to jump start the process of designing your sites, and to get you more familiar with what ShortPoint Widget can do in terms of revamping your site design.

Before we start:

This article assumes a basic understanding of how to edit the widget and update its content, If you are not familiar with those concepts, we recommend you to check the previous article first (First thing to do after adding ShortPoint Widget)

In this article, we will show you how to use those pre-defined templates, to get some inspiration.

For the demo purposes, we will continue from the Support Site we have created recently, but feel free to create a new site or site page for this article.

Edit ShortPoint Widget


Click on Sample Pages drop down menu, 

As you can see, there are currently 5 sample pages that are ready for you to use them (in the future there are going to be more!)

Once you click on any of those sample pages, the whole content of the widget will be replaced with this sample page, as shown in the next image.


Pick up the template that you like, and click Save

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