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Connection Type: Current Site

This article demonstrates how you can connect ShortPoint elements to the existing site assets located on the same site as you build your page. We will be showing an example of making a dynamic connection between a ShortPoint Simple List Design Element and a SharePoint list located on the same site

Follow the below steps on how you can do it.


Step 1: Start with a List or Library

First, prepare the SharePoint List or Library you would like to work with. In our example, we will be using the IT Help Desk Tickets list.

Note: Go to this link for more information on creating SharePoint lists and libraries.

Step 2: Insert a ShortPoint Design Element

In Edit mode, go to the web part where you want to set your list or library and insert a design element.

We are using a Simple Lists design element in this example but you may use any option from the ShortPoint Page Builder.

Step 3: Select Current Site option

Go to the Connect tab and select the Current Site option.

Step 4: Complete Connect fields

List / Library

Your site’s lists and libraries will be shown in the drop-down. Select the one you want to use.


You can choose from the default views or create a custom view within your list or library to connect to.

Items Limit

Indicate how many entries from your list or library you want to appear on your page.

Note: the default value is set to 0. It means, that there could be an unlimited number of items displayed in your ShortPoint List. To know more about items limit, please read this article: How to Increase the Items Limit of Connected ShortPoint Elements : ShortPoint Support 

Once complete, click the Connect button and wait for the connection to load.

Now the SharePoint list/library is connected. To complete the connection, we need to map the fields, as shown above.

Please proceed to the next step to do it.

Step 5: Map Items

Map the corresponding properties of your list or library to display on your page in the Items tab. Your list or library's column titles will appear as the options in the drop-down.

Note: To find out more about the Connect Feature in ShortPoint, and Items Mapping, please read this article: ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial

Here you can see combinations of properties selected for each field to display the information needed on the list.

Step 6: Click Insert and Publish

Preview your work to see how it will be displayed on your page. 

Click Insert and Publish once done.


Here is a sample web part that uses ShortPoint Connect Current Site option:

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