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How to Connect and Display a List of Subsites

If your site has a lot of subsites, it may be convenient for you to display them on one of your site pages. Using the method described below, your subsites list will renew automatically each time you add a subsite or delete an existing one. To create a subsite list on your page, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Insert a Design Element

You can choose an element that is best for you. In this example, we will use a Simple List. However, the procedure will be pretty much the same with other suitable design elements.

Please open the page in edit mode, choose the Insert tab on the top and press Insert. Choose the element you would like to use. Press the blue Insert button on the bottom, and it will appear on the page in edit mode:

Step 2: Set Up a REST API Connection

Press the cogwheel of the element to open its settings. Switch to Connect tab. Choose REST API in the Select Connection Type field. In the REST API URL field paste the following:


Please press Connect and wait until the button becomes red:

Step 3: Map the Items

Switch to Items tab. Map the fields by clicking on the chain icon on the left of every field. You can use the following animation for reference, but feel free to map the fields you want to display it your way. Please note that in the Link field, we have chosen #ResourcePath__DecodedUrl so that clicking the subsite title in the list will redirect the users to the corresponding subsite. After you are done, please click Update / Insert:

That's it! Here is how our basic subsite list looks like:

Thank you for your attention!

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