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Getting Started: Setting Up ShortPoint Accessibility

ShortPoint has partnered with UserWay to make your intranets more accessible to people with disabilities. It provides equal opportunity to all users of your intranets and promotes an inclusive workspace. It also makes your SharePoint intranet fully compliant with accessibility standards (WCAG 2.1, ADA, and more).

In this article, you will learn how to set up the ShortPoint Accessibility solution in your SharePoint tenancy and enable it for all your users to take advantage of.


Before we begin

This article is for you if you already have ShortPoint SPFx version 7.8.x.xx or later, and you have an active license as a ShortPoint User.

How to Enable ShortPoint Accessibility

Follow these steps to set up ShortPoint Accessibility and get closer to making your SharePoint intranet fully accessible:

Step 1: Navigate to ShortPoint Dashboard

Go to your SharePoint Site Contents and launch the ShortPoint Dashboard.

Go to Site Contents

Step 2: Select ShortPoint Accessibility

Press the Accessibility tile. You will be brought to the ShortPoint Accessibility page containing information about the solution.

Press accessibility tile

Step 3: Enable ShortPoint Accessibility

Slide to toggle to enable the Accessibility Widget. This will begin the installation of the widget into your site.

You will get a confirmation that the accessibility widget has been successfully installed shortly after enabling it.

Enable ShortPoint Accessibility

Step 4: Get accessibility widget credentials

To start customizing your accessibility widget, look for an email from our partner UserWay containing your credentials. (the email will go to the currently logged in SharePoint user’s inbox)

get credentials from email

Step 5: Manage ShortPoint Accessibility

You can now manage all the functions of your accessibility widget and customize it according to your needs. Access widget management from your browser by going to and entering your credentials.

login page of widget management site

You can also access widget management from the widget itself by navigating to the Manage link and entering your credentials.

go to manage link on widget

Note: For Keyboard Navigation and Text to Speech, please allow 24 hours for the AI to scan and apply the required remediations (this is only required the first time). The rest of the widget's features will be working as soon as you enable ShortPoint Accessibility in the dashboard.

To get more information about all the functions of the accessibility widget that are available to you, please visit and check out these tutorials to learn how to make the most powerful accessibility technologies work for you.

Important notes and limitations:
• The accessibility widget is not supported on IE11 (all modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox are supported). • The current release is for Office 365 environment and SharePoint 2019 environments only. • The accessibility tool doesn't support edit mode. For example, Some issues might show up if you enable light contrast from the widget and start editing ShortPoint/SharePoint webparts. • We recommend disabling the accessibility user-enhancements (larger font, light contrast, etc.) from the widget before working on page design, this is in order to see the final page as everyone else would see it.

If you have any questions or concerns about ShortPoint Accessibility, please feel free to connect with us by submitting a support request at

That is it! Your whole site, including all existing and future SharePoint pages, will now be tailored for accessibility.

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