So you like the Global Navigation ( top menu ) styles that are applied on our Theme 2 demos site page, and you do not know how to achieve the same results? 

No worries, you came to the right place, this article will show you all the necessary Theme Builder settings you need to apply to get the same result, so let us do it!

We will start with a site that does not have any customizations.

Step 1:

Open the ShortPoint Theme Builder ( go to Site Settings > ShortPoint Dashboard > Site Customizations > and click the Customize my site button ).

Step 2:

Hide Search & Site Title

Go to General Settings > Elements > All Sites > and enable

  • Hide Search
  • Hide Site Title

Step 3:

Update the Header

Go to Header > General Layout > and enable:

  • Full width header

Go to Header > Background > and set:

  • Header Color Overlay to Primary ( or whatever color you may like )

Go to Header > Paddings & Margins > and set:

  • Header padding bottom to 0

Step 4:

Update the Menu

Go to Menus > General Layout > and set:

  • Menu Alignment to right

Go to Menus > Backgrounds and Colors > and set:

  • Menu Background Color to Primary ( it should be the same color you applied to Header Color Overlay )
  • Menu Text Active / Hover Color to Primary ( same as Header Color Overlay as well )
  • Menu Text Color to white-light
  • Menu Hover / Selected Item Background Color to white-light

Go to Menus > Paddings & Margins > and set:

  • Menu padding top to 14
  • Menu padding bottom to 27

And you are done, just hit the publish button!

Note: Site logo can be changed from Site SettingsTitle, description, and logo