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Show Data from Publicly Available Rest Web Service Using ShortPoint

If the data that you wish to connect with is available publicly through a REST web service, without authentication, you can use this service as a ShortPoint Connection. The procedure is following:

Step 1: Register the Connection on ShortPoint

Generate Config files


In order to use the web service in ShortPoint you have to register it a config file. But to make things easy for you we have created a simple page that will generate config files based on information you provide.

You only need to specify the web service URL and the Connection name in the field Other REST Connections. Connection name is a name user will see in Connect panel of ShortPoint Inserter.

In our example we want this connection to appear with name Announcements. You can specify as many connection pairs as you want, each in separate line.

When all connections are listed there, press Generate button.

Copy Config generated files

When files are generated, copy their content to corresponding files in SAP Web IDE. 

You can find more information on Config Generator page.


Step 3: Redeploy the Widget


To Deploy the Widget, right click on folder shortpoint-widget-beta > Deploy > Deploy to SAP HANA Cloud Platform



Then the Dialog “Deploy Application to SAP HANA Cloud Platform” will appear, choose Deploy an existing application, and click Deploy



Step 4: Show REST Data on SAP HANA Cloud Portal using ShortPoint in nice design


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