By this moment, if you're using ShortPoint, we're pretty sure you already gave a try to our magic Copy & Paste feature on classic pages. If no, please check our official website page dedicated to the feature.

On SharePoint Modern Pages, the experience will be just slightly different. Let's see how you can turn on the Copy & Paste feature in Modern Pages.

Copy Feature for Modern Pages Overview

How to Copy ShortPoint Web Part from Modern Pages

Step 1: Add the following text to the URL

After you have opened your desired Modern Page in view mode, add ?spcopy=1 to the URL in the browser's address bar like in the screenshot below and hit the reload page button:

Step 2: Copy the ShortPoint Web Part using the top bar

Copy ribbon will appear on top of the page, so now you can hover over your ShortPoint web parts to see the copy button. Click the copy button to copy your ShortPoint web part to the clipboard.

Step 3: Paste the copied ShortPoint Web Part

Open the modern or classic page that you want to paste the copied Web Part inside in edit mode and paste from clipboard to see all the copied ShortPoint elements inside this page.

How to copy single ShortPoint Elements from Modern Pages

Step 1: Add "shortpoint-copy" Class to The Element

  • Edit your modern page.
  • Open the settings of the element that you want to copy by pressing the cog wheel that appears after you hover over the element.
  • Go to Custom CSS tab and add shortpoint-copy to Class field like the figure below:

  • Save and refresh the page.

Step 2: Allow to copy parts

You can copy specific ShortPoint elements with "shortpoint-copy" class by activating "Allow to copy parts" switch from the top copy ribbon like the figure below:

Note: The switch toggle will be disabled in case there are no elements with "shortpoint-copy" class in your page.

Step 3: Copy the ShortPoint Element

Hover the mouse over the element you want to copy and click the Copy button to copy this element.

Step 4: Paste the copied ShortPoint element

Paste the copied element inside any SharePoint page and click to Save/Publish the page.

That's it!

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