ShortPoint Farm Solution License for SharePoint On-Premise 2013/2016 may be activated offline, without connecting the server to the Internet. In case when this is required, we can activate the license from our side on your behalf.

Why offline activation?

There might be different reasons for offline activation. Some of the most widespread are:

How does it work?

The steps are simple. To request offline activation, you need to:

1) Open the SharePoint Central Administration and click ShortPoint License Management:

2) Click Offline Activation:

3) Copy the Farm Code:

5) Send a support ticket to, indicating:

  • your license key;

  • the farm code.

Like this:

6) You will receive an offline key as a ticket reply from us:

7) Paste the offline key into the Licensing Manager in the SharePoint Central Administration and press Activate:

8) Success!

Thank you!

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