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How to Roll Back to a Previously Installed ShortPoint Version

ShortPoint guarantees the stability of any new release that we provide to our customers. However, some issues may still surface as there are a large number of use cases and not all may be known to us.

We offer a Rollback feature that is easy to implement and puts any concerns about upgrading at ease. We show you how to do it in this support article.

Note: We highlight some recommendations specifically for upgrades to the new ShortPoint Page Builder with Live Mode (ShortPoint SPFx version 8.0.x.xx) but these steps apply to most ShortPoint versions starting with 7.1.5.x.xx and above.


This article is for you if

  • You had ShortPoint SPFx version 7.1.5.x.xx or later previously installed in SharePoint and recently upgraded to ShortPoint SPFx version 8.0.x.xx or later
  • You use Office 365 (SharePoint Online) environment
  • You have ShortPoint installed on your SharePoint site(s)
  • You are a ShortPoint user with an active license

What is the RollBack feature?

The RollBack feature came with ShortPoint SPFx version 7.1.5.x.xx public release. It allows ShortPoint users to revert back to the previously installed ShortPoint version in just a few clicks. This gives more control to ShortPoint users to go back to a previous version if they encounter issues with an upgrade.

What to consider before rolling back?

If you upgraded to the new ShortPoint Page Builder with Live Mode (8.0.x.xx or above) from a legacy version (7.1.5.x.xx or later), please ensure that you restore migrated pages to the page version prior to migration before completing a rollback. This ensures that your pages do not break due to the differences in supported layouts between versions.

Other than that, your rollback should be seamless.

You can also look into restoring the page to a version prior to page migration instead of rolling back the ShortPoint version. This allows you to isolate the changes to just the page you are working on and not the whole tenancy. You can check out our support article on Restoring Page Version After Migration to New ShortPoint Page Builder With Live Mode to know more.

How to Initiate a RollBack

Here are the steps to get your ShortPoint back to the previously installed version.

Step 1: Navigate to Upgrade in the ShortPoint Dashboard

From the SharePoint Site Settings, choose Site Contents. Select ShortPoint Dashboard from the content list. This will load ShortPoint Dashboard. Hit the Upgrade tile to see all the upgrade options.

Go to Upgrade

Step 2: Ensure Auto-Upgrade is disabled

If you are on Auto-Upgrade, make sure to slide the toggle to disable it. This stops ShortPoint from automatically upgrading to the latest public version and allowing you to choose options manually. 

Ensure auto-upgrade is disabled

The Rollback link provides you with information about the previously installed ShortPoint version on your intranet. You will also find a link where you can report the issues you encountered with the version you upgraded to. Press the link to proceed.

press rollback link

Step 4: Enter your reason for rolling back and hit Rollback button

We value your feedback and you can provide it through the pop-up window requesting your reason for rolling back. This allows us to look into your concerns and give you a quick resolution so that you can take advantage of what the latest version of our product has to offer. 

Press Rollback and your ShortPoint is back to the previously installed version.

provide rollback reason

You are all done. This is a contingency option that provides you peace of mind when upgrading to a new version. We hope you find value in it.

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