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How to Create a Full Width Section in Modern SharePoint Page Using ShortPoint SPFx Web Part

You can use ShortPoint to add full-width Sections to a Modern or Classic SharePoint page using these easy steps.


Before we begin

To use the solution described in this article you need to be a ShortPoint User and have ShortPoint installed on your SharePoint sites. You should also have ShortPoint SPFx version 6.1.x.xx and higher installed on your environment.

Creating a full-width section in Modern SharePoint Pages

Here are the steps you need to follow to achieve a full-width Section similar to the sample below.

Modern Page

This is how a full-width Section appears on a Modern page.

Modern page full width

Classic Page

This is how a full-width Section appears on a Classic page.

Classic Page Full width

Step 1. Enter edit mode and launch Section settings

Edit the ShortPoint web part and navigate to the Section that you want to modify. Press the cogwheel to launch the settings window.

Launch settings window

Note: The full-width feature isonly accessible in Grid Mode.

Step 2. Enable Force full screen width option

In the Design tab, scroll down to the Size section and enable Force full screen width by sliding the toggle.

Enable force full screen width

Step 3. Update and Publish

You can apply other edits to the Section Design element and when you are done, you can hit Update, save your changes, and Publish. You will now see the contents of your Section fit the full width of your page.

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