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Manual Installation Prerequisite 2: Download and Extract ShortPoint Installation File

In this article, we will demonstrate how to download the ShortPoint installation file and extract it from the ZIP archive.


Before we begin

Step-by-Step Tutorial

1. If you are using the Chrome browser,  you will see a ZIP archive at the bottom of your screen after clicking the download button. If you are using another browser, look for the file in your downloads. Click the folder to open the file. 

zip archive

3. You will see a readme.txt, a PDF installation guide,  and the shortpoint-spfx.sppkg file in the ZIP archive.  Click the shortpoint-spfx.sppkg file once to select it.

shortpoint-spfx.sppkg file

4. On the top, under Compressed Folder Tools, select the folder where you want the shortpoint-spfx.sppkg file to be extracted. 

Click it once, and the file will be extracted to that folder.

documents folder

5. To make sure the extracted file is in the folder, open it and check if shortpoint-spfx.sppkg is there.

extracted shortpoint-spfx.sppkg file


Note: The shortpoint-spfx.sppkg file obtained in the last step of this article cannot be opened by any app in your local system. It will work once you upload it to your SharePoint tenant.

Once this is completed, you can proceed to Manual Installation Step 1: Upload ShortPoint to Office 365 Tenant App Catalog.

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