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Types of Linking Options in Page Builder Elements

In most ShortPoint Design Elements, where there is a Link field, there is also a field called Linking Option. The Linking Option field allows you to choose how links will open when a user clicks on an item on the page.

Linking Option field

This article will discuss the linking options available in ShortPoint and what you can expect when you select them.


Before We Begin

  • You must have the latest version of ShortPoint installed for your environment.
  • You must be a ShortPoint Designer with an active license.
  • You must have a ShortPoint Design Element with Linking Option field as one of its customization options.

Linking Options in Page Builder

There are four linking options you can choose from in Page Builder. They are Default, Lightbox, New Window, and Dialog. Find out more about them below:

NOTE: You will only see the Linking Option field if the ShortPoint Design Element you are editing also has the Link field, which allows you to redirect a Design Element to another page.


The Default linking option will open your link in the same browser tab:

Default linking option

The Lightbox option will open your link in a highlighted box in the middle of the page:

Lightbox linking option

New Window

The New Window option will open the link in a new tab in your browser:

New Window Linking Option


The Dialog linking option works much like the Lightbox. Your link will also open in a highlighted box in the middle of the page.  The only difference is that it will cut off the header and footer of the page whenever possible, presenting only the main page content.

Dialog linking option

That’s it! You now know the four linking options available in Page Builder. Enjoy utilizing each one in your own SharePoint pages.

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