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Known Issue: ShortPoint License Activation Failed for a New Modern Site Collection

To activate the ShortPoint SPFx license on a new site collection, you need to open the Licensing page from the ShortPoint Dashboard and click Activate button:

After clicking Activate button for a new Modern site collection you might get an error message saying License activation failed:


This issue can happen if you have tried to install ShortPoint for both classic and modern pages, but got the error message because the scripting capabilities were not enabled:

In such case, ShortPoint will still be installed, but just for modern pages:

If you leave the Installation page, and go to the Licensing to activate your license, it will fail because of that error.


To solve this issue, you need to reinstall ShortPoint for modern pages only, and then activate the license.

Open the Reinstallation page from the ShortPoint Dashboard:

Disable the Install for classic pages option, and click Reinstall:

Note: If you would like to use ShortPoint on classic pages too, enable scripting capabilities on your site first. Please follow the detailed steps here: Enable Scripting Capabilities with PowerShell for Office 365. Then, reinstall ShortPoint for both modern and classic pages. 

You should see that the reinstallation is completed successfully:

Then, if you go back to the Licensing page, you will see that the license was activated:

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