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How to Add an Accessibility Statement for your Intranet Site

It is important to be transparent about your organization’s commitment to the accessibility of your intranet content. The best practice is to ensure you have a regularly updated and compliant accessibility statement published on your site. With ShortPoint Accessibility, you will be able to get a custom accessibility statement easily and add it to a new page on your SharePoint intranet site in just a few steps.


  • You have ShortPoint SPFx version 7.8.x.xx or later installed on your SharePoint tenancy
  • ShortPoint Accessibility is active on your intranet site
  • You have an active license for both ShortPoint and UserWay Accessibility Widget

What is an Accessibility Statement?

An accessibility statement shows your users what accessibility features are available on your site and what efforts your organization is making to improve them. It details your commitment to accessibility and how you care about making your content compliant with the global standards of accessibility. It further provides information about limitations, if any, to the accessibility of any portions of your site.

Having a published accessibility statement is one of the main requirements to comply with global accessibility standards and a way to inform your users that you have a fully accessible intranet site.

How to generate an accessibility statement?

Once you activate ShortPoint Accessibility on your SharePoint site, you are eligible to create an accessibility statement that is updated according to the features present and applied on your site with our partner UserWay. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Access the Accessibility Statement template page

On your browser, go to and navigate to Accessibility> Accessibility Statement. This will bring you to our accessibility statement template on our demos website.

demos site on accessibility

Step 2: Copy the template

From the ShortPoint Copy and Paste bar, enable the Allow to copy parts toggle. Scroll down to the Accessibility Statement template section and hit the Copy.

copy accessibility statement template

Step 3: Paste the Statement and Edit the Contact Information

Add a page on your intranet called “Accessibility Statement” (make sure the site that this page is added to is accessible and public). Insert a ShortPoint web part and paste the content that you copied in Step 2.

Remember to edit the Email and Phone number indicated on the page. This will help them reach out to you in case they face any accessibility issues.

  • In Live Mode

Switch to Live Mode and paste the copied template, select the EasyPass tag on the Text Design Element to enter active mode, and double click. You are now able to edit the necessary information on the Accessibility Statement.

paste template in grid mode

  • In Grid Mode

Paste the copied template, delete the default section, and edit the necessary information within the Text Design Element.

Grid mode paste template

  • In Legacy Page Builder

Paste the copied template in an empty ShortPoint Web Part and scroll down to edit the necessary information.

paste in legacy page builder

Step 4: Link to the Accessibility Statement Page

You have the option to display an accessibility statement link on your accessibility widget as seen in the example below.

accessibility link

You can do this by clicking the Manage link on your accessibility widget. 

manage link

Then you navigate to Widget Settings and select Change accessibility statement link from the menu.

change accessibility link

Finally, enable Show the statement link toggle, add the address to your new accessibility statement page, add the text you want to appear, and hit Save.

save accessibility link

You can also add a link to your Accessibility Statement page on your site's footer. Find out how to do this in our Getting Started with ShortPoint Footer for SharePoint article.

That is all! When your users become curious about your intranet accessibility efforts, you now have a page you can direct them to.

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