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Installation Failed: System Check Step: Error in New Features Specified: 1

You were trying to Install, repair or upgrade ShortPoint on SharePoint 2013. And the installation wizard failed at System Check step with error in New features specified: 1


This issue happened because of previous failed attempt to install ShortPoint. Its unfortunate that you are facing installation issues, but this is common with most of SharePoint solutions as there are so many causes and varies between farms.


Kindly follow the following steps to resolve the issue you are facing and install ShortPoint:

STEP 1: Uninstall ShortPoint Solution Package from Web Applications:

  1. Central Administration - go to System Settings then Under Farm Management section, click on Manage farm solution
  2. You will find the ShortPoint solution package, click on it, then click on Retract Solution
  3. Make sure in Retract From? section, the option  All content Web Application is selected
  4. Press Ok
  5. You are now back on Solution Management page, you'll notice that value of status field is Retracting, try to refresh the page until the status is changed into Deployed

STEP 2: Uninstall ShortPoint Solution Package from Central Admin:

  1. Open SharePoint 2013 Management Shell
  2. Execute the following command to uninstall ShortPoint packages (add your central admin URL and port): Uninstall-SPSolution –Identity –WebApplication http://CENTRAL_ADMIN_URL:PORT/
  3. You'll get a list of options, choose Yes to All
  4. After 2 minutes go to the Central Administration - Manage farm solution solution then keep refresh until the status of ShortPoint Solution is changed into Not Deployed
  5. Then click on and then click on Remove Solution

STEP 3: Run ShortPoint Setup and install ShortPoint

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