After connecting the a ShortPoint element to a list/library, you cannot find the necessary column in the drop-down to map the item (in the below example, the Position, Office and Salary columns are missing from the drop-down).


It might be pretty obvious, but sometimes it's easy to choose an incorrect view while connecting.

ShortPoint mapping drop-downs will only show the columns enabled in a list/library view to which the element is connected. In the example above, the Simple List is now connected to the "Employees by Age" View:

If we open this view in SharePoint, we will see that the only two columns enabled in this view, are Name and Age (just as the drop-down suggests):

In this view, there are no other columns enabled. This is why they are not displayed in the drop-down while mapping the columns.


Choose the correct view in the Connect tab of the element: press Disconnect, change the View, and click Connect, just as shown in the animation below:

As you can see, now, in the mapping drop-down, you can choose all the needed options.

If you would like to know how to show or hide columns in a SharePoint list/library, please check this article from Microsoft.

If you have other questions about the ShortPoint Connect Feature, please check the dedicated Frequently Asked Questions article.

If you would like to see a simple example of connecting a ShortPoint element to a SharePoint list, please click here.