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Necessary List Column(S) Not Shown in the Items Mapping Drop-down


After connecting a ShortPoint element to a list/library, you cannot find the necessary column in the drop-down to map the item (in the below example, the Location, Employment type and Photo columns are missing from the drop-down):

SharePoint listDrop-down for mapping


You are connected to a view where the needed columns are not displayed (hidden).

ShortPoint mapping drop-downs will only show the columns in a list/library view to which the element is connected. In the example above, the Image Lists is now connected to the "Employees by Age" View:

If we open this view in SharePoint, we will see that there are only three columns in this view: Name and surname, Position and Age (just as the drop-down suggests):

In this view, there are no other columns. This is why they are not displayed in the drop-down while mapping the columns.


Option 1: Connect to another view

You might want to connect to that other extended view (shown on the left of the table). 

Extended view (All Employees)Connected view (Employees by Age)

Go to the Connect tab of the element and press Disconnect. Change the View and click Connect again, just as shown in the animation below:

As you could see, now, in the mapping drop-down, you can choose all the needed options.

Option 2: Add the necessary columns to the current view

If using another view is not an option, you need to make the columns display in the view. 

Here is how you can do it:

  • in Modern experience:

Open the SharePoint list/library view.

Click Add column button and choose Show/hide columns from the drop-down:

Put check marks near the columns you would like to display in your view and click Apply, as shown in the animation below:

Note: To create a new or modify the current view, use List settings option:

Select the view you would like to modify or click Create view:

Edit your view and click OK to save it.

  • Classic experience

Open the SharePoint list/library view. 

Select List/Library option from the Ribbon (1).

Then, in the Manage Views group click Create View (2) if you want to create a new one, or Modify View (3) if you want to modify the current view:

Edit your view, add necessary columns, and click OK to save the changes.


Now, when doing the mapping, the added columns will display in the drop-down.

If you have other questions about the ShortPoint Connect Feature, please check the dedicated Frequently Asked Questions folder.

If you would like to see a simple example of connecting a ShortPoint element to a SharePoint list, please check our ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial.

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