If you tried to add a Maps element to the page, and it caused the page to break ( frozen or unresponsive page ), then here we will tell you how to overcome this issue.

This issue can happen if the provided coordinates for Google Maps were not accurate or has the wrong format.


Step 1:

Disable maps rendering on the page

Open the page that contains the broken map ( the page is supposed to gets frozen as soon as ShortPoint renders the Map element ), and add the following to the url ?spstoppartialrender=map

This will cause ShortPoint engine to render everything on the page, excluding maps element

Step 2:

Edit the page, remove the maps element or correct its coordinates.

Now since you are able to edit the page again, you can either remove the maps ( if you no longer need it ),

Or refer to the following article, to know how to get the correct coordinates for your maps element:

And that's it!