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Step 3: Add ShortPoint Widget to a Blank Site

Now your ShortPoint Widget is deployed in the SAP HANA Cloud Portal and you are ready to start using it to design some amazing content.

Open your SAP HANA Cloud Portal Admin Space and go to Site Directory

You can add ShortPoint Widget to any of your existing Sites, but here to make things simple, we will be creating a new Site for demonstration. Click on the big ( + ) on the screen to create a new Site

Next a dialog “Create Site” will appear, give the site name “ShortPoint”(as an example) and pick the “Starter Site” template as shown in the next figure. Then click on “Create

Once the page is created, you will find a gray rectangle as in the following image. Click on it

Once you click on it, a plus ( + ) button will appear, click It.


You need to click on it to bring up “Add Content” dialog, that will show you a list of available widgets to be added into your site.


Click on “ShortPoint Widget” and ShortPoint widget will be added to the gray placeholder.


NEXT: first thing to do after adding ShortPoint Widget

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