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Microsoft Teams Integration FAQ

1. How can I connect Teams Design Element in SharePoint On-Premise to an Office 365 Tenant (organization)?

Teams Design Element uses Microsoft Graph to get Teams data from your organization. Prior to adding Teams Design Element into your SharePoint Page, you have to connect ShortPoint to Microsoft Graph:

1. From your Site Contents navigate to ShortPoint Dashboard and click Integrations.  

2. If you didn't connect Microsoft Graph before, click connect and logging with your Office 365 Tenant Administrator account.

3. If the login was successful, you have to grant ShortPoint the list of permissions that appears by clicking Accept

Note: If you already Connected Microsoft Graph before ShortPoint version 6.7.x.x, you have to click Reconnect in order to be able to integrate Teams Design Element into your SharePoint pages. Follow this article to find out more.

2. Is it possible to embed Teams Channel Conversations into my SharePoint Page?

This feature is not yet supported by ShortPoint. From version 6.7.x.x you can embed Teams Design Element into your SharePoint Page in order to:

  • View your teams
  • View teams from the entire organization
  • Open teams in Desktop Teams App or in Teams Portal
  • Open team's Documents Library
  • View team members and open member's Delve Profiles
  • View team channels and tabs and open them in the Teams Desktop App
  • View my tasks and open them in Microsoft Planner

3. What will happen if the user doesn't have Microsoft Teams Desktop Application and clicks on Open in Teams Desktop?

The user will be redirected to a Microsoft Teams Online web page where he can download the app or open Teams Online.

4. Do I have to buy any additional license for this feature?

No, ShortPoint Teams Design Element comes with the normal ShortPoint license plans. However, you need to have an Office 365 subscription in order to use Microsoft Teams. Follow this article to find out more about Microsoft Teams licensing.

5. How can we bring My Teams in SharePoint 2019 platform

This is currently not supported by ShortPoint Teams Design Element. In SharePoint 2019 platform you will only be able to bring all the teams from the organization.

6. Do you have an option to limit the number of teams to be displayed?

No, this is currently not supported by ShortPoint Teams Design Element.

How can I change the header color in Teams Design Element?

You have to go to Advanced tab of your Teams Design Element Settings Page and select the Header Background Color that you want.

Click Update or Insert, depending if you are updating an existing element, or adding a new one. Save the page.

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