The best two options to display your announcements on the page with the help of ShortPoint is to take advantage of such design elements as Image List or Ticker. First, let's look at the examples:

Announcements connected to Image List:


Announcements connected to Tickers:

Connecting Announcements to an Image List


Step 1.

We would like to suggest you starting with an Announcements List created in SharePoint. Presenting announcements with the help of the  Images List Design Element presupposes that every announcement item will be shown as text along with a related picture. Therefore, these images have to be stored in a list. To achieve that, please open the "List" while viewing your Announcements List in Sharepoint, and click Create Column. Give it a name (in this example we used the name "Image") and choose Hyperlink or Picture in the list of options, as shown below. Press OK to save the changes.

After that, you should see that a new empty column has been added to your list. Please make sure that the View of the list is set to All Items.

Now, switch to Quick Edit mode and fill it in with hyperlinks to pictures you would like to display near every announcement item. 

Step 2.

Open the ShortPoint Page Builder.

 and from the list of ShortPoint design elements please choose Image List. Choose the Connect tab and fill in the details. 

First, select the connection type. From the drop-down menu, please choose the location of the Announcement List you have created. In this example, the list was created on the current site.

Next, please choose the name of your Announcement List from the List / Library drop down menu. 

Finally, select the proper view of your list. If you haven't created any additional views, please choose All Items.

If you would like all announcements to be displayed, leave "0" in the Items Limit field. Otherwise, indicate a number to limit the number of items shown.

Step 3.

Now, we need to map the necessary fields. Please switch to Items tab. 

By clicking the chain icon on the left of every option, you can choose the required information from the drop-down menu. In this way, ShortPoint will source the information from your SharePoint list and display it properly.

For example, in the field Title we have chosen the option "Title", so that the title of our element will be the same as the title of the SharePoint Announcement List.

For the field Subtitle we have chosen the option "Modified", therefore the subtitle of every announcement item wil show the time and date when it was modified. It is up to you what information to display in these fields.

Because we wanted the images to be displayed as well, we chose the option "Image URL" in the field Image.

 We also wanted to make every item clickable, so that the user will be able to view the details of every announcement in a lightbox, therefore a) we have set the Link parameter to "Item Dialog URL", and b) we set Linking Options to "lightbox".



Press Update and save the changes.

Connecting Announcements to a Ticker

Step 1.


Create an Announcements List in SharePoint.

Step 2.


Go to ShortPoint Page Builder and from the list of ShortPoint design elements please choose Tickers. Choose the Connect tab and fill in the details. Make sure to choose the announcement list you have created, in the same way as it is shown in Step 2 of the above example. If you would like all announcements to be displayed, leave "0" in the Items Limit field. Otherwise, indicate a number to limit the number of items shown.

Step 3.

Map the required fields. Please switch to Items tab. Map the fields you would like to be displayed. This process is similar to Step 3 of the above example, please view it for additional reference. Press Update and save the changes.

Thank you for your attention.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions!