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How to Make the Counter Boxes Show the Total Number of Items in a SharePoint List

Tired of counting elements in lists? Leave it to ShortPoint Counter Boxes!

With ShortPoint, you can present the number of items stored in a SharePoint list in the Counter Boxes Design Element. 

Connect the Counter Boxes to any SharePoint list or library, apply some easy REST API magic, and you will have the number of items presented in a stylish and comprehensive way right where you want it. And of course, the numbers will renew dynamically. 

Note: This article is for counting the total of items in a SharePoint list. If you would like the Counter Boxes to count in specific views, please check How to Make the Counter Boxes Show the Number of Items in a SharePoint List (Different Views).

Here is an example of the expected result:


Step 1. Configure the REST API settings

In edit mode of the page, open the settings of the Counter Boxes. Simply click the cog wheel icon, as shown below.

The Settings tab will open: 

Switch to the Connect tab and choose REST API from the connection options:

In the REST API URL, paste the following URL (items highlighted with red and yellow require editing):


  • siteURL - should be replaced with the site URL (root site, site collection, subsite) where the SharePoint list is located;
  • listTitle  - should be replaced with the SharePoint list title you would like to connect to.

For example, our REST API URL looks like this:'Content and Structure Reports')/ItemCount


  • is the site collection URL where our SharePoint list is located;
  • Content and Structure Reports is the title of our SharePoint list.

Press Connect and wait for connection to load:

After you see that the connection is set up, proceed to the next step to map the items.

Step 2. Map the Items and create a title

Switch to the Items tab:

Press the chain icon on the right of the Counter Number field and select ItemCount.

Note: Check our ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial to know more about ShortPoint Connect and Items Mapping.

Create a title for your counter box in the Counter Title field. 

Set up additional features, if required.

You may click the Preview button to check the results:

Then, click Insert/Update and save your page:


That's it. You can repeat the same steps for the different lists. Here is the end result we get for four different SharePoint lists:

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