Tired of counting elements in lists? Leave it to ShortPoint Counter Boxes!

With ShortPoint, you can present the number of items stored in a SharePoint list in a Counter Box element. 

Connect the Counter Box to any SharePoint list or library, apply some easy REST API magic, and you will have the number of items presented in a stylish and comprehensive way right where you want it. And of course, the numbers will renew dynamically. 

Here is an example of the expected result:

Part 1. Configure the REST API settings.

  • Open the settings of an inserted Counter Boxes element;
  • Switch to Connect tab;
  • In the Select Connection Type field, choose REST API;
  • In the REST API URL, paste the following URL (items highlighted with red require editing):


*yourtenantname.sharepoint.com - replace this with the tenant URL you are using. If the list you are connecting to is stored in the subsite, please add this information after a slash, for example: https://yourtenantname.sharepoint.com/subsitename

*yourlistname -  replace this with the exact name of your list.

  • Press Connect and wait until the button becomes red:

Part 2. Map the Items and Create a Title.

  • Switch to the Items tab.
  • Press the chain icon on the right of the Counter Number field and select ItemCount.
  • Create a title for your countdown in the Counter Title field. 
  • Set up additional features, if required.

Press Update, save the page and enjoy the result:

Thank you for your attention!