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Workaround for ShortPoint Version Upgrade Failed


You have added ShortPoint Version or above to your SharePoint site collection where you had SharePoint Version or older is installed and you received following error:

Oops, the installation has failed!

ShortPoint SPFx tried to migrate your data from old app to new one, but failed. Do not worry, everything is working and you did not lose anything. However, the upgraded to ShortPoint SPFx could not be completed.

Please follow these steps to fix the issue.


Step 1: Navigate to the configuration list of previously installed ShortPoint version

Navigate to your Old ShortPoint Dashboard

Please navigate to following URL in your ShortPoint App

<Your ShortPoint App Site Url>/ShortPoint/Lists/ShortPoint - User Defined ShortPoints

<Your ShortPoint Site Url>: Please replace it with the ShortPoint App host URL having unique ID of your app Url.

Example URL is:

Note: Please notice the host name in the URL:, it should be present when you navigate to the configuration list. Otherwise you will be redirected to not found page.

Step 2: Create the missing column

Now is the time to create the missing column called ShortPointType, please click on List ribbon option and Create column command:

Column Schema details

Name: ShortPointType 

Type: Single line of text

Other details: Please keep it untouched

Note: Please be aware that the name ShortPointType is case sensitive, so it is recommended to copy the name and paste it in column name section. 

That's it! Please now try to navigate to your new ShortPoint SPFx dashboard and install again. You do not need to add the App again, you can simply follow our installation article from step number 6.

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