If you tried installing ShortPoint from ShortPoint Dashboard and you received an error saying:

Scripting capabilities are not enabled on this site. Please enable scripting capabilities to install ShortPoint on Classic Pages. If you don't want to install ShortPoint on Classic Pages, please disable Install for Classic Pages and then run the installation again.


You are trying to install ShortPoint SPFx for both modern and classic pages. But scripting capabilities are not enabled on the site and it is required for ShortPoint SPFx to work on classic sites.

Solution 1: If you only want to use ShortPoint on Modern Pages, disable install for classic pages

This option does not require enabling scripting capabilities. There are some really great features introduced in Modern SharePoint Framework, and we are sure you will love our Modern ShortPoint Experience too!

Important: With this option, you shall no longer be able to use ShortPoint on classic pages.

Solution 2: Enable Scripting Capabilities in order to use ShortPoint for both Modern and Classic Pages

Happy Installing!