After reading this article, you will learn how to customizes your PowerApps icon and color and how to change the loading screen color form your ShortPoint PowerApps Design Element.


  1. You already added the PowerApps ShortPoint Element on your Page. Please follow this article to find out how to add your first PowerApps application to SharePoint.

STEP 1: Sign in to PowerApps Portal and Select the Environment

Sign-in to PowerApps Portal and make sure you select the Environment where your application resides. 

STEP 2: Select the App You Want to Customize and Click Edit

STEP 2: Go to the Setting Page of You Application and Click Name + icon

Change the icon and the background color of your icon as you wish. Make sure you Save and Publish the application.

STEP 3: Check the Changes Into Your Embedded PowerApps Element

Go to the SharePoint page where you embedded the PowerApps Application and Refresh the page. Check the loading screen color before the app is loaded. Unless you customized the loading screen color from your PowerApps Design Element, it should be the same as the background color you selected in the previous step:

STEP 4: Customize the Loading Screen Color From the PowerApps Design Element

Edit the ShortPoint Web Part and open the Settings page of your PowerApps Design Element. In the Design section of the Settings tab, select the Loading Screen Color for your PowerApps.

Note: We suggest to leave this field empty in order to keep the loading screen color same as the PowerApps background color from STEP 2.

That's it!

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