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SharePoint Setup: Filtering SharePoint Calendar Events by Category

In this article, we will be showing you how to set a calendar view to display entries under one or more categories. This view can then be used when showing the contents of your SharePoint calendar through Events connection in a ShortPoint design element.


What is a category?

When entering a SharePoint Calendar event, your user can identify what kind of event it falls under from a category drop-down or input their own. 

Step 1: Click the Calendar Tab

In the SharePoint site calendar, click the Calendar tab found at the top left corner. Several calendar options will appear.

Step 2: Create a Custom View

First, select All Events view under the Current view drop-down. 

All event entries with different categories will be listed.

Note: The Category column was added in the All Events view to demonstrate the changes that will be made in the next steps. If you do not see the Category column, please click Modify View in the ribbon and put a checkmark in front of the Category column. This will make the column appear in the view like shown below.

Click the List tab, choose Create View, and select Standard View. Name your custom view in the View Name field. In this example, we are naming it “Meeting View”.

Step 3: Add Filter Settings

In the Filter section, change the settings to show only entries by the category you wish to display.

Do the following:

  • Select the Show items only when the following is true: radio button,
  • Choose “Category” in the Column to Filter field,
  • Use “is equal to” in the operator field, and
  • Type the category name in the Value field.  You can add more categories to include in your filter by filling out the second filter setting. 

We are using the categories “Meeting” and "Training" in our example.

Hit Show More Columns if you want to include more categories.

Step 4: Click OK to Save Custom View

Hit the OK button at the top or bottom of the settings page.

Your custom view will now list only event entries with categories you included to filter.

Note: Remember the name of your custom view because this will be seen as one of the List / Library options when connecting with Events in your chosen ShortPoint design element.

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