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How to Find the SharePoint Master Page

Sometimes, it can be a little challenging to find the master page. Use this tutorial to find the seattle.html file quickly.


Step 1. Open Site Settings

First, let us make sure that you are searching in the correct place. Please open Site Settings:

Step 2. Open Master Pages

It should be found under the Web Designer Galleries section:

Step 3. Search the seattle.html file

After the page is loaded, there will be lots of files to choose from, so you need to look for the seattle.html file very carefully. 

Usually, it is located on the 3rd or 4th page. Please use the bottom navigation arrows to switch between pages:

Another useful tool that may help you find the file is using the keyboard shortcuts to launch a search on the page. 

Press Ctrl + F (for Windows) or Command + F (for macOS). You will see a search bar appearing on the page. Type the word seattle into the search bar, and it will immediately highlight the requested information: 

Please pay attention that this search option works on each page separately, so, if nothing was found, switch to another page and use the shortcut once again.

As you can see from the above screenshot, we have found the seattle.html file on the last page.

If you are 100% sure that the seattle.html file is not there, please check How to Set a ShortPoint Preloader in Case Seattle.Html Is Missing.

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