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Entering ShortPoint Page Builder

Since ShortPoint version, a few big changes are introduced into the editing experience, the main ones being Isolate Mode and Templates.


Isolate Mode

Once you add a ShortPoint web part, you will be in Isolate Mode. This mode blurs parts of your SharePoint page, allowing you to focus on the designs you create using ShortPoint Page Builder:

Isolate Mode

To pause the Isolate Mode and view the whole page, you can switch to Preview Mode by clicking the "eye" icon:

Preview icon

To leave the isolate mode without saving changes, you can either click [1] Close, or [2] Discard:

NOTE: A prompt will appear asking if you want to discard your changes. Click Yes if you are sure that you don't want to save your edits. Otherwise, click No.

New Designing Options

You now have two routes available when adding a sew section:

Start from Scratch

The first option allows you to start from a blank canvas. Click Choose Layout:

Choose Layout

Select the layout you'd like to work with:

select layout

Start inserting Design Elements into the section parts by using the Plus buttons.

plus icon

Start from a Template

Alternatively, you can start from a pre-designed template. Click Open Templates:

Open Templates icon

You will see a selection of templates. Click the preview icon to see a template in detail:

Preview icon

NOTE: All templates found in the ShortPoint Demos Library will soon be available in the product.

If you are satisfied with the template you selected, click Insert Template

Insert Template

That’s it! You now know what to expect when you enter ShortPoint Page Builder. Enjoy exploring these new features as you design your page.

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