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ShortPoint Will Be Sunsetting Support for the Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser

Following last year's Microsoft announcement on ending Internet Explorer support for Microsoft 365 apps, ShortPoint will drop the support for the Internet Explorer browser starting from October 30th, 2022.

Taking into account the end-of-life of Internet Explorer and trusting that most users have made arrangements to adapt to this change, we are proceeding with ending our support for it. With this decision, we are able to focus our efforts on developing products and features that continuously add value to you, our customers, and bring forward innovation that provides the best design experience. It allows us to honor our commitment to providing the best intranet design tool that allows you to build gorgeous intranet sites with no coding.

What will happen?

After October 30th, ShortPoint will no longer guarantee that users will be able to use Internet Explorer to design pages with ShortPoint. In addition, pages designed with ShortPoint may not be rendered perfectly for site visitors who are navigating the site from the Internet Explorer. ShortPoint will also stop responding to support requests and providing fixes with regard to issues reported on the Internet Explorer.

What actions need to be taken?

If you are using Internet Explorer to design pages with ShortPoint, we recommend that you start adopting one of the following modern browsers - Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Brave. Using any of these browsers guarantees that you will have the best design experience possible with ShortPoint.


Q) I am using ShortPoint on Microsoft SharePoint 2013 or 2016, will I be affected?

A) No, sunsetting support for Internet Explorer mainly affects Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint 2019, Microsoft Teams, and any new environment that will be released by Microsoft in the future.

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