In Getting Started with Modern Theme Builder (Part 1) we learned what is Modern ShortPoint Theme Builder and how we can launch Modern ShortPoint Theme Builder. Let us now explore different features introduced in Modern ShortPoint Theme Builder.

Color Palette

Let us navigate to General Settings > Color Palette > Primary Color

As you can see in Primary Color, you now only have to select a Theme Primary color code, and we take are of automatically creating shades of your Theme Primary Color on click of Generate button:

Along with this, we have a bunch of other Color Palette options for you:


Let us navigate to General Settings > Elements > All Sites

Here you see many options to Hide / Show, lets check Focus Mode:


Let's navigate to Fonts & Typography:

You can Choose from 800+ most popular web fonts

You can apply your own custom fonts!


Using ShortPoint, you can have full flexibility on adding footer to your SharePoint modern sites. First you build footer content same as you are building any page, then  use ShortPoint modern theme builder to attach the footer content the way you want.

ShortPoint SPFx

For more information about ShortPoint Footer, have a look at this article:

Getting Started with ShortPoint Footer for SharePoint

Publish Your Theme!

After all the beautiful customization you have done, it's time to Publish your work. Click on Publish from your Modern ShortPoint Theme Builder


Thank you!