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How to Pin a Modern SharePoint Page designed with ShortPoint to Microsoft Team's Sidebar (Advanced)

NOTE: If you want to add a SharePoint page that's designed with ShortPoint to Microsoft Teams and don't mind adding it as a Tab instead, then we recommend following the much simpler instructions in this article.

Step 1: Create your App

  • Log in as Admin to the standard interface (
  • Install App Studio from the app store (make sure it is unblocked in policies)
  • Open App Studio, go to Manifest Editor -> Create a new app
  • Fill in App details (Everything outside the name and description are not super important since it is only being used internally and not posted on the Microsoft Teams public app store).
  • Names 
  • App ID (click generate button)
  • Package name (reverse domain -
  • Descriptions
  • Developer info & App URLs (dev site must be same root URL as terms/privacy site – e.g. “”)
  • Branding if you want to change from the default
  • Full-colour icon png 192 x 192px (gets displayed in tenant app store)
  • Transparent outline png 32x32px (gets displayed in the sidebar, should be white)
  • Accent colour
  • Click Tabs under Capabilities
    • Add a Personal tab (or several if you want multiple sites on different tabs)
  1. Name - this will be displayed at the top of the page as the name of the tab when you go to the "app"
  2. Entity ID - not visible, so pick anything :)
  3. Content URL - this is where you paste in the URL for the site you want to display·

Click Domains and permissions

  • Make sure the following domains are listed in order for ShortPoint to work: 
  1. *
  6. *
  7. *
  • Add the following to enable single sign-on (this is the ID for SPO)
  • I. App ID: 00000003-0000-0ff1-ce00-000000000000
  • ii. Resource URL: https://<tenantname>

Click Test and distribute

  • Install your app in Teams for testing

                I. Test for yourself to make sure things look good

  • Download the app package (zip)

                I. If the individual test looked good, download the zip for the manifest file

Step 2: Install your App

1. Go to the app store

a. Click the link in the bottom left "Upload a custom app" (only possible if your global permission settings allow custom apps)

I. Upload the app for the entire org (not me and my teams)

Step 3: Create an App Setup Policy 

1. Go to the admin portal at

2. Click Teams Apps > Setup Policies

3. Select the policy/user group you want to pin the app for (default global)

4. Click Add apps

5. Add your app, order it how you'd like, save


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