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Accessing ShortPoint Demo Site

This article is deprecated. The solution described here is no longer used. Please proceed directly to starting a trial to test our product in our playground or on your own tenancy.

Step 1. Getting the invitation from ShortPoint team

Check your email for an invitation from Microsoft Online Services

Email subject is "ShortPoint Admin wants to share ShortPoint Demos"

Email sometimes go to spam or junk folders, please check.

If you did not receive the email, please send us email to

Open the email and click the link:

Step 2: Login to the site

Option 1: Login using your existing,, or

Option 2: Login using the same email you use to access you Office 365 or other 

Option 3: You do not have any Microsoft account, and you do not use Office 365

Step 3: Conditional and only if you want to go with Option 3

  1. Click "Create a Microsoft account, ..."
  2. Type your email (valid email and you have access to)
  3. Choose your new password
  4. Click next

You need now to verify your email.

Check your email for email verification.

If you still did not receive it, check your spam or junk folder. Otherwise, hit the Resend email button again.

Click Verify:

Click OK, and you should have access to the demo site now:

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