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Setting Up Microsoft Graph Integration For Teams

Ensure the seamless connection of ShortPoint for Microsoft Teams to your Office 365 tenancy by granting application permissions through Microsoft Graph. Follow the steps in this article to complete this process.

Note: This article is to establish Microsoft Graph for ShortPoint in the Teams application. If you are looking to connect the Teams app to your SharePoint page, please access the article on Setting Up Microsoft Graph Integration for SharePoint Online.



How to Set Up Microsoft Graph Integration

Step 1: Navigate to ShortPoint Settings

Edit your Teams tab by selecting Settings from the dropdown menu. Press the Account Settings cogwheel to open the ShortPoint Settings window.

Step 2: Open Microsoft Graph window

Go to the Integrations tab and click Microsoft Graph.

Step 3: Authenticate and accept permissions

Press the Get Token button to initiate authentication. Enter your credentials, review the requested permissions, and hit Accept.

Note: For an updated list of all permissions required, please check our article on ShortPoint Microsoft Graph Integration.

Step 4: Copy and paste the token

Your authentication is successful once a window containing the token appears after accepting the required permissions. Click Copy, switch back to the Integrations window, and paste on the Graph Token field.

Step 5: Connect to complete integration

Hit the Connect button and wait until it becomes a red Disconnect button. The integration is complete once you see a confirmation message on the upper right corner of the window stating that ShortPoint is Connected to Microsoft Graph.

You can now add connections to several applications within your Office 365 tenancy in your ShortPoint design elements.

Note: This process registers ShortPoint in your tenancy’s Azure Active Directory. Access this article if you wish to disconnect Microsoft Graph integration.

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