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Connections Tool in Dashboard: How to Create Re-Usable Integrations

Did you know that you can save your most used REST API and RSS connections for easy access from the Page Builder Connection interface? Here's how it will look like:

In our example, we will be able to create a connection to the NASA's Picture of the Day feed, and reuse it on different pages in just a few clicks. Here's the Image List element connected to the feed:

Step 1. Go to Connections tool in the Dashboard

Go to Site Contents > ShortPoint Dashboard > Connections:

Step 2. Select the type of the connection

Select between the REST API and RSS connection types. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will select RSS:

Step 3. Create a title and put in the URL

You can name your connection any way you want. This is the name that will be displayed in the Page Builder Connections page. In the URL field, put a link of the rss feed. We used this one from NASA:

You can practice with this one, too, or use the one you want to connect to.

Step 4. Save

Click Save Changes when you're done:

Your connection will display as a new item on top. At any time you are able to edit, disable, or delete it.

Step 5. Use the connection in Page Builder

Open the Page Builder and in Grid Mode, go to the settings of any element and select the Connect tab. You will see the newly created connection appearing in the Connect tab:

Click Connect at the bottom:

Step 6. Map the items and Update

Using the chain icons on the right, select which field will be displaying RSS-retrieved properties. This is an example connection mapping we used. 

Note that not all RSS feeds and REST API connections have images enabled, like this one. Typically, they are just text. In this case, you will just omit the "Picture" field (leave it empty). Also, other elements, like Simple List or Date List, might be more suitable to use in case your connection doesn't retrieve images.

Use the Preview button to check how the element looks like before saving. 

When ready, click Update.

The connected element will be visually distinguishable by the chain icon in Grid Mode. Click Save.

And, there you have it, you have created your RSS feed -connected element using a pre-created, reusable Connection in the dashboard! 

You can create a whole catalogue of those just as described in this video and use them all from your Page Builder.

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