In some cases, after that you have already installed ShortPoint into your SharePoint environment, If you tried to create a new site collection or a sub-site, 

ShortPoint will not be activated by default on this newly created site, as a result, you'll have to do one of the following:

After doing the feature activation manually, if you tried to open the ShortPoint Dashboard Page, you might face that the Tiles used to appear in Dashboard Page are not showing:

Moreover, if you tried to open a page in edit mode, you might also face that ShortPoint Insert / Edit buttons are greyed out and cannot be clicked.


Activating the "ShortPoint Foundation Settings" feature manually from the Site Settings or de-activating / activating the "ShortPoint Foundation" feature from SharePoint Central Administration, might need few minutes to take effect.


  • For SharePoint On-Premise: Try to edit any page, save and wait for a few minutes, after that try to refresh the Dashboard page, you'll notice that Dashboard Page Tiles will be shown, and ShortPoint Insert / Edit buttons can be clicked as usual.
  • For SharePoint Online and Office 365: just clear the cache.