The Issue

In some cases, after that you have already installed ShortPoint into your SharePoint environment, If you tried to create a new site collection or a sub-site, 

ShortPoint will not be activated by default on this newly created site, as a result, you'll have to do one of the following:

After doing the feature activation manually, if you tried to open the ShortPoint Dashboard Page, you might face that the Tiles used to appear in Dashboard Page are not showing, 

moreover, if you tried to open a page in edit mode, you might also face that ShortPoint Insert / Edit buttons are grayed out and cannot be clicked.


Activating the "ShortPoint Foundation Settings" feature manually from the Site Settings or de-activating / activating the "ShortPoint Foundation" feature from SharePoint Central Administration, might need few minutes to take effect.


  • For SharePoint On-Premise: Try to edit any page, save and wait for a few minutes, after that try to refresh the Dashboard page, you'll notice that Dashboard Page Tiles will be shown, and ShortPoint Insert / Edit buttons can be clicked as usual.
  • For SharePoint Online and Office 365: just clear the cache