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ShortPoint Generator: Introduction

This article will discuss all the things you need to know about ShortPoint Generator, including what it is and why you may need to use it. 


Before We Begin

  • To use ShortPoint Generator, make sure that you have ShortPoint installed. (Here are the installation guides for Office 365SharePoint 2019, and SharePoint 2013/2016).
  • Make sure that you have the latest version of ShortPoint for your environment. ShortPoint Generator is available in ShortPoint versions and above.
  • If you are using SharePoint 2013, 2016, or have ShortPoint SPFx version 7, the interface will be slightly different but will have the same features.

What is the ShortPoint Generator?

ShortPoint Generator is one of the tools found in ShortPoint Dashboard. It allows you to create custom elements so that they appear in the Page Builder along with other ShortPoint elements. It is also used to create footers.

In addition, ShortPoint Generator allows you to edit your customized Design Element or footer in one place, removing the need to edit elements one by one. The edits you have made using ShortPoint Generator will be inherited by all the pages you have added your Design element or footer to.

ShortPoint Generator

What is the main purpose of the ShortPoint Generator?

The idea behind ShortPoint Generator is to create a custom element or a group of elements that you can reuse on different pages of your site collection. After the element is ready, it appears in the Page Builder like this:

Sample generator

You can insert it into your page with just a few clicks instead of re-creating the element from scratch.

Another use for ShortPoint Generator is the creation of customized footers.  Instead of the Page Builder, however, you will need to use the Theme Builder to insert your customized footer.

sample footer

Using the ShortPoint Generator

Now that you know what a ShortPoint Generator is and why you may need to use it, it is now time to learn how to create one. We've listed below support articles you can check out to create your very first customized Design Element and Footer.

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