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ShortPoint 6.8 is now available

We are happy to announce that we are releasing ShortPoint SPFx 6.8 for Office 365 & SharePoint 2019, if you have ShortPoint version or higher, you can upgrade by going straight to the ShortPoint Dashboard on your site collection, and click Upgrade and Re-install (as simple as that!), otherwise if you have a lower version than you have to Download and upgrade. 

#What’s Fixed

  • A warning message in the modern Theme Builder is preventing users from uploading documents.
  • CSS files not showing in Asset Picker.
  • The page becomes unresponsive when changing orientation to Landscape in Mobile devices.
  • Footer not displayed when navigating to and from the Search page on Office 365.
  • Image Carousel/Slideshow design element’s arrows disappear after clicking them.
  • Table element no longer displays a column value if the column is defined as a Person/Group.
  • Table skipping columns where there are empty cells after the date column.
  • Elements category in Theme Builder not working on subsites.
  • Focus mode does not work when the page is in Edit Mode on the modern SharePoint experience.
  • Subsite inheriting Theme Builder settings from Root site when the Theme Builder inheritance is disabled.
  • Table of Content design element is hidden behind the elements when scrolling down.
  • Selecting a person as a link column in a table doesn’t show proper output.
  • Connection to list view columns having underscores or other special characters in it doesn’t work.
  • Link column doesn’t apply on the second column inside a table with a custom filter.
  • Inheritance of Theme Builder from root site on Modern SharePoint subsites not working.
  • Google Maps design element not working.
  • Font applied on the Page Title, affected also the Page Author name on the modern Theme Builder.
  • Font style not applied to headings that contain links in the modern Theme Builder.
  • Some color options not having default values.
  • Modern Asset Picker not working after a one-click upgrade.

#Known Issues


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