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ShortPoint New Minor Release

Minor Update – Date: 23rd, May 2017

We are continuing improving the performance. In this release, we improved the experience in IE 11 browsers (the best browser in the world :p). Few customers experienced a freeze when accessing pages designed with ShortPoint in IE 11.

We also improved performance even more for our products on SharePoint 2013 and 2016 Servers.

Important: There is still performance issue related to ShortPoint Visibility feature when enabled and on IE. If you experience performance issue, please disable ShortPoint visibility feature and wait until we release the fix next month.

Dynamic ShortPoints Performance Improvements are coming next month. ShortPoint is going to be the FASTEST solution in the world to build dynamic web pages.


  • Reduce freezing time on Internet Explorer browser
  • Improved performance on SharePoint 2013 and 2016 Servers
  • Video backgrounds are misplaced on Internet Explorer browser
  • Calendar Webpart events were not properly aligned on Internet Explorer browser
  • Calendar Webpart had a horizontal scrollbar if it was added inside a ShortPoint element
  • Image titles sometimes did not render correctly on Internet Explorer browser
  • Managed navigation was broken on mobile on some site settings pages


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