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Minor update notification ShortPoint

We have released today a minor update of ShortPoint that includes fixes and new features requested by our customers. You can check the release notes from here: ShortPoint Roadmap

Now you can reorder items

You can also add new line to even fields that do not support new line

Just type \n anywhere, and it will add new line

And if you faced any issue with dates, we have added new date format option to help you control the date format the way you want

If you are using Australian date format in your SharePoint calendars, then you should add this: DD-MMM-YY

The following table 

For more information about supported date formats, click here

Tabs have a new option now called: Preserve Activate Tab. When enabled, the most recent active tab on the page will remain active after page reload

We also fixed few issues and improved the user experience in the inserter a little bit more.

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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This is awesome thanks

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