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Update Notification: ShortPoint Version 4.3.3.x

We are excited to announce that new version of ShortPoint is now available. Go to, submit the form and you will receive the download email as usual.

For our SharePoint 2010 customers, you have to wait few more days.

What's New?

#1 ShortPoint and MDS Feature

ShortPoint now supports SharePoint Minimal Download Strategy MDS Feature. This means better performance on your SharePoint team sites. MDS Feature does not work on publishing pages or SharePoint online, it works on team sites and all pages in SitePages library.

#2 ShortPoint Add-In Site Collection Scope Installation

When you add ShortPoint add-In to the root site of your site collection, you can install ShortPoint on all sites and subsites in the same site collection. You can still override branding and other settings in subsites!

#3 RSS Connection Type

In ShortPoint inserter, you can now connect with any RSS feed. Currently, it supports external RSS feeds and not SharePoint RSS feeds.

#4 People Search Connection Type

Powered by SharePoint Search, now you can read users and employees information and display them in any design.

#5 People in SharePoint User Groups

Connect with SharePoint groups and present users in any design

Tons of fixes and improvements. For more information, check out the release notes.

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