Chrome 80 and Microsoft products - a summary

On February 4th, 2020, Google released a stable version of Chrome 80. This new version introduced changes to the way cookies work in the Chrome browser. These changes restrict third-party access to first-party cookies and should result in a safer and faster web browsing experience for Chrome users.

You are welcome to check the official statement of Microsoft: Effect on customer websites and Microsoft services and products in Chrome version 80 or later

Here is an example of an alert message you can see in your environment: 

ShortPoint Compatibility with Chrome 80

ShortPoint is fully compatible with Chrome 80. The updates to Chrome 80 do not pose any risk to ShortPoint as a product. We have thoroughly tested ShortPoint on Chrome 80 and haven't found any issues introduced by this new update.

What's next?

Continue creating awesome intranet sites with ShortPoint using the newest version of Google Chrome.

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