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How To Connect ShortPoint Elements with Your Site News

ShortPoint Connect now allows you to directly pull News Posts and News Links from your organization’s modern site and post content in ShortPoint Design Elements.

Note: if by any reason you prefer using a REST API solution, please check the tutorial described in this article.



  • You are using a Modern Site in a SharePoint Online (Office 365) or SharePoint On-Premise 2019 environment;

  • ShortPoint is installed in your environment;

  • You have your news posts and/or news links prepared on your site. In this article, we will be showing how to connect to News Posts.

Part 1: Create a Custom View of Site Pages Library

You will need to create a custom view where only News Posts and News Links are listed.

Step 1: Open Site Pages

Go to Site Contents > Site Pages:

Step 2: Add Promoted State column

Some list columns in Site Pages are hidden from the default view. You can make them visible. Here, we will require the pages' Promoted State column values.

Click Add Column and choose Show/hide columns in the dropdown. In the Edit view columns window, select to show the Promoted State column value, and click Apply.

To add Banner Thumbnails in your news view, you can also add the Banner Image URL column. 

Note: To learn more about banner images as thumbnails, please check this article: How To Add Banner Thumbnails in ShortPoint Design Elements 

Other columns can also be added to the view.  This includes Title and Description.

Step 3: Filter List By Promoted State = 2

All News Posts and Links have 2 as their Promoted State.  We can filter the list to limit the view to include only your organization’s news and not other types of pages.

You can do this by choosing Filter by in the Promoted State dropdown. Select the value 2 and click Apply.

Note: When in edit view (classic mode), the promoted state column is not available. Please do these steps in the Modern edit view.

Step 4: Save the New Custom View

Use the Save as View option and name your new custom view.

In the View options dropdown, select Save as view. Name your custom view then Save.

Part 2: Connect Your ShortPoint Element To Show News

Step 1: Add or Edit A Web Part And Insert Image Lists

Whether you are copying a ShortPoint design element or creating from scratch, you can proceed to insert Image Lists

Note: we will use Image List in this tutorial, but please feel free to use an element of your preference.

Here, we will be presenting our news in an Image List inside the Tabs element (called news, as you can see in the screenshot):

In SharePoint page Edit mode, go to the specific ShortPoint web part you are adding your news to and add Image Lists as shown below:

Step 2: Connect Image List To the Custom View

Go to the Connect tab to add your custom view as the source of data. Select Current Site in the Connection Type options.

Note: To find out more about the Connect Feature in ShortPoint, please read this article: ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial

Choose Site Pages in the List/Library drop-down and the custom view you created (in our example, News View) in the View drop-down. Finally, press the green Connect button and wait for the confirmation that ShortPoint is connected.

Step 3: Map the Items 

Items Mapping will now be available in your Items tab. Choose what information to show in your page’s news section.

Note: To find out more about the Connect Feature in ShortPoint, please read this article: ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial

In this example, we are mapping the Title field to show Title of the news post, the Subtitle field to show the author and when the news was created, the Description field to show Description, and the Image field to show the Banner thumbnail.

Note: To learn more about banner images as thumbnails, please check this article: How To Add Banner Thumbnails in ShortPoint Design Elements 

Press Preview to see what your Image List will look like.

And when you're ready with it, press Insert:

You will now see your organization’s news posts on your SharePoint Modern Page.  Any updates and new posts will also appear on your page as they are added to the site.

That's it. Now, you can connect your ShortPoint elements with your site news.

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