Note: this article shows a REST API solution. The simpler way to do it is described here. Please use the present article only if you are sure that you need a REST API solution and the mentioned tutorial does not work for you for any reason.

If you are using a Modern SharePoint Site and using the News Post or News Link feature, we have something for you :) 

As you can see from the screenshot below, you can present both News Posts and News Links in ShortPoint elements using the ShortPoint Connect:

To use above ShortPoint design, please copy below ShortPoint code to your page:

[images-list color="primary" image-size="10" image-shape="wide" title-text-size="18px" subtitle-color="border-dark"][image-list-item shortpoint_connection="'Site%2520Pages')%2Fitems%3F$filter%3DPromotedState%2520eq%25202%26$select%3DTitle%2Cfile%2FServerRelativeUrl%2CBannerImageUrl%26$expand%3Dfile%22%2C%22itemsLimit%22%3A0%2C%22mapResults%22%3A%22var%20moment%20%3D%20shortpoint.base.libs.moment%3B%5Cndata.d.results.forEach(function(item)%20%7B%5Cnitem.Modified%20%3D%20moment(item.Modified).format('LLL')%3B%5Cn%7D)%3B%5Cnreturn%20data%3B%22%7D%2C%22caching%22%3Anull%7D" title="%23Title" subtitle="%23Modified" image="%23BannerImageUrl__Url" link="%23File__ServerRelativeUrl" /][/images-list]

Step 1: Add ShortPoint Element to page

For this article, we are going to use Image List ShortPoint Element however you are free to use the element you like. 

Go to the page where you want to show news and add Image List ShortPoint element:

Step 2: Connect to REST API for Organization News

Go to Connect tab in the element and select REST API connection type:

In the REST API URL, type in following URL:

https://<tenant name>'Site%20Pages')/items?$filter=PromotedState%20eq%202&$select=Title,file/ServerRelativeUrl,BannerImageUrl&$expand=file

<tenant name>:   replace it with your tenant name (example: contoso)

Example URL would be:'Site%20Pages')/items?$filter=PromotedState%20eq%202&$select=Title,file/ServerRelativeUrl,BannerImageUrl&$expand=file

Date Format (Optional)

To show the News Date in the format, you can enable Advanced Settings and format it using this method.

That's it!